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Get personally coached by Spear Athletics' Director Of Training 

Our Premium Fitness Coaching services is for those looking to take their fitness and results to the next level.  We help everyday athletes build 10 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months while improving their conditioning. 

Initial Consultation

We will dive into your specific goals, training history, and outline for your training program going forward. 

Personalized Training Program

Each client receives their own personalized training plan based on their specific needs and goals. 


Every client will receive basic nutritional guidance on calories, macro and micronutrients, and supplementation. 

We also offer a premium nutrition plan add on for those clients wanting more specific guidance. 

Monthly Check-Ins

Video or phone check ins will keep you accountable and allow you to reach your goals faster! During check ins, we will go over how the past month of training went, and any modifications for the next month of training

Daily Communication

Communication is vital for success!  We will message about daily workouts, nutrition, and healthy habits. 

#Sharpen Yourself 

With premium service, you can expect premium results! Get ready to sharpen yourself both physically and mentally

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