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What are the Spear Athletics training programs and who are they for?
The Spear Athletics training programs include Strength, Muscle, Home Gym, and Bodyweight.  Our programs are designed for everyday athletes looking to optimize their training and results.  Strength is focused on increasing your strength in squat, bench press, deadlift, and other compound lifts.  Muscle is for athletes looking to add as much lean mass as possible.  Bodyweight is designed for people with a busy schedule, no equipment, and who need time efficient workouts.  Home Gym is for athletes who enjoy working out at home and have access to equipment such as dumbbells, bands, and a pull up bar. 

What is the exercise science behind the Spear Athletics training programs?
The Spear Athletics Training Programs are designed utilizing the concepts of periodization and progressive overload.  Each month, our athletes receive their new training phase, which constantly changes the reps, set, rest periods, and tempo to both add variety but more importantly improve results.  Our goal with the programs is to see strength, muscle, and/or body composition improvements month after month.   

Why should someone start a Spear Athletics training program? 

The Spear Athletics training programs provide the exact training plan to help our athletes reach their goals.  We lay out your weekly training schedule, warm up routines, main workouts and cool downs to aid in recovery.  Our App also provides rep tracking, weight tracking, a team feed, and a leader board to compete with other athletes in the programs.  When you follow a training program, you will achieve and see results much faster than going to the gym and doing random workouts each time without a specific goal or plan.  

What's going on with Spear Athletics?

Garret and Rush ran the 2022 Austin Marathon, and plan on running more in the future. Garret was selected to run in the 2022 NYC Marathon, and Rush will be coaching him along the way.

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